Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Brown Calls for Leadership and Courage in Northern Ireland

Proposals on the devolution of justice and policing powers to Northern Ireland's Assembly could be voted on by the beginning of March, ahead of a possible transfer of powers to the region from the United Kingdom central state at the beginning of May. Northern Irish party leaders have now been given 48 hours 'to try to hammer out a deal.' Gordon Brown threatened that:

“If we judge that insubstantial progress has been made we will publish our own proposals.” ('our' being  the British and Irish governments' proposals) for moving the process forward. It is astounding that the government of another state should associate itself with such remarks on the proposed organisation of the UK.

Sinn Féin too has been threatening (threatening is, of course, their preferred and historic stance, as is true for Brown, in fairness) serious consequences for the devolved administration without a swift transfer of law and order powers. Meanwhile the Northern Irish Unionists are unimpressed at Martin McGuinness 'venting his anger that the summit had failed to secure a settlement.' '...McGuinness, flanked by party colleagues including president Gerry Adams, said:

“I believe we have displayed extraordinary patience and commitment over the past 18 months as we sought to persuade the Democratic Unionist Party to be partners of progress.'  ('Partners of progress'? He'll be saying 'it is right' next.)

Mr Brown said: “The importance of these decisions for the future of Northern Ireland cannot be under-estimated. With leadership and courage they can be achieved” ( The Irish Times gives a fuller report )

The display of 'leadership and courage' by Brown over the last two days (and nights, oh the self-importance of keeping people up till the early hours) led serendipitously to Brown not facing the House of Commons this afternoon after the calamitous economic figures that were published yesterday.

One last mauling for the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, before the electorate ends New Labour's constitutional vandalism, also implies that the opportunity for that vote will continue to be with held to the bitter end.


Odin's Raven said...

Having the police report to the anti-British murderers reveals labour policy. How long before the Jihadis control the police and judiciary in England?

Elby the Beserk said...

It is beyond belief that we are in the state we are on. Beyond belief. How on EARTH did we get here?

Scrobs... said...

"Brown not facing the House of Commons this afternoon after the calamitous economic figures that were published yesterday."

Spot on Hats, and Harperson cocked it up memorably with her spiteful wittering.

She really is a poison dwarf that one.

hatfield girl said...

Elby, I think we weren't paying attention. I started writing Angels because quite casual attention sent up warning rockets that we were becoming embroiled in an authoritarian state; when the ruling party simply replaced one head of government with another, on an entirely different manifesto, as it had long agreed to do in its own agenda, I was offended by their attitude, their self-entitlement, their arrogance. On looking more closely I nearly jumped out of my skin.

We must never stop monitoring again what those determined enough and in quite low-level positions of power might be able to do.

Look at the University of East Anglia Climate Department, for Heaven's sake! And look at the damage they have done. We need to watch out harder for nerds and power freaks. They are fairly easy to pick out as they are usually ugly, and money-seeking to compensate. Personally, I am keeping a close eye on the 'British fashion scene'.

hatfield girl said...

Scrobs, I refer you to poisonous dwarves in the response to Elby above.

Only I didn't have your felicity of description.

hatfield girl said...

Raven, Northern Ireland, and the Union, need defending from the Britain of the countries and the regions.

We're going to need every bit of the British Isles we can muster under our banners to repel EU impertinences to our sovereignty.

I have suggested before that the UK should be gathering all of the north west European islands, even those far flung,politically as well as geographically, under one federated grouping; if the Mediterranean countries both within and outside of the EU are doing it, why aren't we? But no, Brown actually lists Iceland as a terrorist organisation. (sigh).

Scrobs reminded us it might well be called Albion.

Odin's Raven said...

Here is a post about the Frankfort School on the No One to Vote For blog which gives some indication of what is going on and how we got here.