Wednesday, 6 January 2010

With One Vote Iceland Will be Free

The Iceland Prime Minister can either withdraw the bill that would pay back the taxpayers' money Brown squandered on cushioning his clients from running silly risks with their own and other people's money, or have a referendum on the bill's acceptance, which will reject the bill and lead to the government's resignation.  Or resign now.  Which would mean another left government bites the dust.  Greece, Spain, Portugal, UK, Austria - not many of the Left in the European Union, and none of them covered in financial glory.

Of course Iceland is not yet in the EU; and the popularity of its application to join, among its own citizens, is iffy.  And the United Kingdom government has been putting all the pressure it can on the European Union to refuse Iceland's application to join, if it doesn't pay Brown's clients' money back. 

Would that we could be in such a marvellous position - cause a Labour government to fall, refuse to pay money to people who lost when they took a risk, and be prevented from joining the European Union.  All of this with just one vote.

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