Friday, 8 January 2010

The Disadvantages of Closed Examination Centres

Hundreds of thousands of students could 'potentially be disadvantaged' if bad weather affects the modular exams for AS and A-levels, and some  GCSE exams.

Malcolm Trobe, policy director at the Association of School and College Leaders [who he?  And what exactly is this particular quango?, ed.] said:

''There are concerns about disadvantaging youngsters that live in areas that are affected by severe weather conditions whereas youngsters that are not, where it is still fine, can get into school without any struggle and are advantaged over those that are affected.''  [and where was he taught to speak English? ed.]

Announcements on the BBC, who is our public service broadcaster, after all, that all examinations will be set back one month (insert date) and that otherwise all arrangements stand, should do the trick, Mr Trobe.   It is not  ''extremely difficult'' to move exams.  It is disadvantageous to the examinee if their examination centre is closed.

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Sackerson said...

Yes, I was wondering what was so hard about doing that, too.