Saturday, 18 December 2010

Jack Frost Seizes Florence

I'll have to walk, it isn't far,
I'll leave the car at Grassina.

So Rupert  tied his scarf on tight
And set off walking in the night.

The Duomo can be seen from space!
I'll see it soon. Keep up the pace.

The Arno took two hours to reach
While Rupert lost the power of speech.

The phones were down, as was the snow,
But beauty kept him all aglow.

Through muffled streets  to Florence' Dome
And Rupert made it to his home.


Elby the Beserk said...

Woke up to watch the test match (oh woe is me) at 5am, to find 4 inches of snow all around. Gorgeous powdery and dry, made the dogs go bonkers. Freeze to follow, so whether we will be able to drive anywhere for a few days is another matter. And I have an op scheduled for Thursday, cancelled once already, in July. Hey ho

Rupert said...


hatfield girl said...

Elby, an op 2 days before Christmas? Perhaps it's just a day job and Lilith will spoon feed you chestnut stuffing and pudding with brandy butter, and you can read this year's Annual after lunch in front of the fire.

hatfield girl said...

It's a walk you'll never forget Rupert. When you are old and grey (should bears ever change like that) you will remember walking into Florence at Christmastime in 2010.