Thursday, 16 December 2010

Women Politicians Should be like Thatcher and Merkel, Not Like This

'Ashton argues tomorrow that the recent midterm elections in the US have brought a shift in the political landscape in Washington and that Europe should play a supporting role in enabling Barack Obama to pursue his aims. [Eeeek, ed.]
"Pressure to reduce US international engagement may increase ... The US needs help to achieve its global objectives.  [Eeekier, ed.] This means an expectation that we can manage our own neighbourhood. The US will continue to value an EU with the means and mindset to act globally."[Eeekiest, ed.]

Ashton proposes that where European and American interests or policies diverge on certain issues, the EU should repackage its aims to make them more attractive to Washington, for example on climate change or on relations between the EU and Nato. '

Were it ever necessary to illustrate the irrelevance, inappropriateness, incompetence, just plain weirdness of the appointment, by the failing Labour prime minister last year, of the head of the Hertfordshire Health Authority to be the European Union Foreign Secretary,  her policy  paper, trailed in the Guardian, is up there with Picture Post.

Some of us have reservations about the current United States President and about current, and past, United States 'global' policies.


Bill Quango MP said...

Shocking. She thinks that the EU needs to repackage its ideas so they appear to be the same as those of the Obama.
I don't think he needs propping up just yet, but if he does, he knows where to go for help.

Scrobs... said...

Presumably she's the interim intern until Yvette Cooper and her odious husband start getting all their money from non-jobs in the EU.

As for Ashton, by then she'll have risen to the depths of most overpaid nobodies, funded by the last crowd.

Elby the Beserk said...

She's been Foreign Affairs wotsit for the EU for some time now. That she is complaining that the EU has no clear foreign policy would suggest that she is admitting that she is not up for the job.

Eeek to the power of Eeek, though. What a thoroughly sinister organisation the EU is, and how rapidly it has shed it's sheep's disguise since Lisbon.