Sunday, 13 March 2011

Against Berlusconi and Criminal Governance

The second enormous demonstration in Italy against the corruption of the country's political system took place yesterday.  Over a million people descended into their beautiful streets and piazzas to declare their allegiance to their Constitution. No political banners, no trades union placards, no partisan declarations from any of the corrupt of 'left' and 'right': what was carried was the Tricolore and what was played was the Inno di Mameli (and bits of Nabucco, of course, complete with singing that would have put the Welsh to shame) accompanied by the orchestras of  regions, opera houses,  conservatori (except for the Maggio, who are caught in Japan).

The great advantage of a written constitution is that it can be carried (rather like the ten commandments though not carved on tablets of stone)  in its entirety, section by section, or by individual article, in the hands, on the person, and on the banners of the people as they demonstrate their support for what it says, and for the institutions of the state that give it life and force.

Article 3 -  “All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of gender, race, language, belief, political opinion,  personal and social status.", was particularly popular, worn on tee shirts, and banners.  As was
Article 34  - "The school is open to all capable and those worthy even though they be without means may reach the  highest levels of study".   But everyone had their pet article, Angels were for the freedom of the press, but some were quite erudite and rarified.

Meanwhile the Beast of Arcore continues to rail against 'the dictatorship of the judiciary'  as he is slowly penned in and driven back towards the cage that will contain his attempt to use the powers of the people for his personal and private debauchery of democracy.


Edward Spalton said...

Amazing that we have heard little or nothing of this in Britain.

But then we have heard nothing in the mainstream media of the remarkable events in Birkenhead County Court here where 600 good humoured demonstrate ors took over and made a citizen's arrest OF THE JUDGE.
Unheard of, in England.

HOWEVER, Signor Berlusconi does seem to have a little more style that our own, leaden, grey, political euro-clones.

a musician said...

...except for the Maggio, who are caught in Japan.

The Maggio won't let them cancel the tour because they are worried about the financial loss, and the musicians are all out there with their families and children - little babies! - as it was going to be a long tour; they've just been told the show must go on, but they're all terrified and want to get home.

You can petition to try and get them back:

Caronte said...

Not "style", Edward, but crass vulgarity is what characterises Berlusconi.