Monday, 21 March 2011

Communications Cease With Italian Ship

The Italian seagoing tug that was boarded by armed men in the harbour at Tripoli and then forced out to sea towards one of the oil platforms was met by an Alliance helicopter and has now turned back towards Tripoli.  Crewed by 8 Italians, 2 Ukranians and an Indian, the fate of both crew and ship are being closely monitored by the Italian government.

In March 2009 the Asso 22, which supplies the oil rigs,  rescued 350 refugees off the Libyan coast from a grossly over-loaded boat in serious difficulties; the crew are nominated for the award of the  Medaglia al Valor Civile.

The Italian Foreign Ministry has said that all communication with the ship has been broken off; there are fears that the action may be part of the threatened retaliations against civilian Italian targets by Gadaffi.


The Asso 22  has arrived in the harbour at Tripoli.  Communications with family members of the crew have been allowed; the crew have stated to their families that they are well.

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