Sunday, 20 March 2011

Paying for Threatening the Mediterranean

The race is on to prevent the only real threat that the Gadaffi regime can proffer (other than the terroristic menaces to civilians in the Mediterranean already vomited once more  by Gadaffi in person - "the Mediterranean is now a battlefield") : burning the oil fields and causing an ecological catastrophe in the Mediterranean.

Objectives of attack from sea and air in an unremitting, night and day series of  rolling assaults are: radar installations, command centres, fortifications and bunkers, barracks, coastal defences,  mechanised and armoured units, missile-launch sites, fuel dumps, airfields.  As the chain of command, already strung-out and fragile, collapses there will be defections by Libyan troops, and many mercenaries will leave.

Although, as often pointed out, Gadaffi has had forty years to build his client state of supporters and the society is poisonously warped, and  riddled with apparatchiks, self-servers,  and creeps generally, the morality that animates them will readily serve to encourage a shift in allegiance to the Transition national government and hurry Gadaffi's isolation.  Nevertheless, it is the fanatics who make the terrorists: prefects throughout Italy have been ensuring a raising of the livello di guardia against terrorist infiltration and actions.

As for the fears played on by Bossi and his despicable Northern Leagues of mass immigration, arrangements can be made as well with  a transitional government as with a monster who uses the desperation of the poor of Africa to ensure his continued acceptance as a partner of our governments.

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