Monday, 14 March 2011

Perhaps the Cradle of Western Civilisation Should be Saved from Nuclear Power

Here is a map of Italian earthquake zones.  The Italian government, led by the Beast of Arcore, hand-kisser of Libyan tyrants and depraved sexual partner of minors (according to his wife and assorted Milanese prosecutors) has declared that nothing that has occurred after the Japanese earthquakes can be  regarded as indicative of anything that might happen in Italy when its nuclear-fuelled power option is fully up and running.

Somehow, as we're all going to be blown into outer space yet  looking good while it happens, when the earthquakes come, this seems so appropriate.


a musician said...

This morning Matteo Renzi, mayor of Florence, issued a statement for the friends and families of the Maggio (300 people counting orchestra, chorus, technicians and admin staff) saying that:
"Il Governo Italiano ci conferma di non procedere all'evacuazione e che la situazione a Tokyo per loro è sotto controllo."
Sotto controllo? Are they mad? They obviously think what is happening is ok.

Fortunately he added:
"Dunque torniamo da soli."
so they are at least coming home, even if on a dodgy charter flight rather than on a state flight, as the government had promised should the situation get out of control (twas a lie).
The BBC orchestra and a French orchestra also just got out.

hatfield girl said...

So the vile Berlusconi government fails to meet its obligations, never mind is undertakings, in the interests of pretending that the nuclear button hasn't been pressed.

Just so much criminal money for the criminals who are in government they cannot allow there to be a threat and an end to their nuclear profiteering.

What are a few singers and instrumentalists - and their families - lots more where they came from.

Thank goodness for the Mayor, and for the remnants of city-state autonomy; though I'm sure Siena and Arezzo would contribute too if there is need, despite everything.

What are we to do? They can't build nuclear power stations in ITALY - it would be like building them in Japan. Oh.

a musician said...

no flights any more:

"La Farnesina allo stato attuale non riconoscerebbe lo stato d'emergenza con la conseguenza di rendere indisponibili i voli militari. "

hatfield girl said...

The city will get them out, M.