Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cameron Gets It

"... our post-war predecessors had the right idea, embodied in the visionary plan prepared by Patrick Abercrombie in 1944.  His plan underpinned the Southeast’s economic success by proposing well planned and well located new towns, which would in time become new engines of economic growth.  And he twinned that vision with proposals for a new London green belt to prevent sprawl. Now, while everyone celebrates the success of the green belt, far fewer people celebrate the contribution that the new towns made to maintaining it intact.  Some people feel we’ve lost the art of creating great places with the right social and environmental infrastructure.   .... in the last century private and social enterprises also created places like Hampstead Garden Suburb, Letchworth, Welwyn Garden City, not perfect, but popular, green,...."

And there are schools like this too:

At this time of year we would be singing, 
'There  is a green hill far away'  in Assembly.
Not so grandly as these chaps 30 miles up the road perhaps;  we did  'enthusiastic attack' in our Hall.


Elby the Beserk said...

He might get it - but will he do anything about it? I rather doubt it.

Chief of men said...

would that be hatfield "garden " village ? what is the building on the right ( I never played sport there so I don't recognise it from this angle),is it the old or new dining block? three of my children went there and I was so impressed I carpeted the whole building.It wasn't unusual to find a premier (arsenal) footballer on the pitch with the kids.those were the days..

hatfield girl said...

The view is from Astwick Avenue, I think, Chief; not sure about the new block - after my day.

I was pleased to see that the school still has daily assembly and that once a week a musician from the Hertfordshire music services leads the children in singing practice. I wouldn't like to think those hymns were getting a less robust delivery than they once did.

This school embodies everything that was best about local provision meeting local needs. Every one went there - no doubt every one still does. We really were sent out equipped to learn and grow in grace.

Elby, he can't do it on his own - but he's looking in the right direction. Our advanced capitalist society does owe its members a decent job, a decent house and a chance for the kids. So successful was this kind of sociopolitical vision it had to be savagely assaulted and torn down by the corrupt, family-wrecking, trades-union infiltrating, Labour party destroying, entryist idealogues of the communist party and its useful idiots.

Elby the Beserk said...

Cameron I fear is no more than the PR man he once was. Where, for example, is the Bonfire of the Quangos? Where the Great Repeal Bill? The promise to remove the right of entry that any local jobsworth now has your property, rather than being rolled right back, is to be "reviewed".

He's useless. It took me 40 years to vote Tory, and 40 weeks at most to realise I had wasted my vote.

I wrote to Baroness Warsi nothing that the Tories have a problem, alienating the likes of myself. She thanked me for my comments. Or rather, a minion did on her behalf.

I really can't see me voting ever again, except tactically to keep Labour out; and as they usually gather about 5% of the votes in Somerton and Frome, that's not going to happen.

Chief of men said...

yes it is from astwick avenue.since we moved they have built another new block on the right to house the children from the new estates that were built.