Sunday, 11 March 2012

Get Your Glad Rags On.....

Or at least your desert, cover-up garb.

'International politicans have thrown their weight behind Kuwait’s bid to move its economy forward, with former British prime minister Gordon Brown giving the country his backing to host the World Economic Forum in 2013, according to the Kuwait News Agency.

Perhaps they don't know; but Angels could have sworn  that the concept of  jettatore is carried,  is profoundly understood,  in Arab cultures.


lilith said...

Are you going to go for a look something like this, HG?

dearieme said...

I've come to chide you. Brown was a dismal PM and an appalling Chancellor. But making fun of his eyes is beyond the pale.

Weekend Yachtsman said...


Elby the Beserk said...


Making fun of anything to do with Brown is not only totally acceptable but to be encouraged, after what he did to us all.

HG, should you bump into him, do knee him in the nadgers for me, won't you?

hatfield girl said...

I'm taken with the red coat, the gold braid and the feathered hat, L (no, not the Queen's) but as I don't qualify perhaps I'd like best the dark double-breasted overcoat and tie look.

But no-one will be going to Kuwait, not with the support they've just received.

hatfield girl said...

Dearieme, What's the past participle of 'chide?

Consider me chidden
(it ought to be 'chidden' such a lovely word, but I expect it's 'chided', but I don't understand why I'm chidden. Bit slow as I have been struck down with colpa della strega. And so has the satellite for some enormous number of hours.

Elby, my poor knees.

I'm ready and able to shout,

"Night Watch. Leave the Twilight!" at him though.