Wednesday, 21 March 2012

First Budget Reaction

It had been said many times that Ed Miliband is more than inadequate, he is nuts, but I had assumed it was a weakish expression of distaste for a fratricidal, union puppet.

On the evidence of Miliband's response to the Chancellor of Exchequer's budget speech it can be considered a kind evaluation.   There was no response to the 2012 budget; most of the detailed response was to what had been announced in the 2011 budget.  It was a response that displayed no intellectual capacity to speak to the arguments and information just laid out in the Chancellor's speech. 

It had the kind of refrain that occurs in  dreadful English folk songs - a sort of hey nonny no about same old wicked Tories - which he chanted every couple of sentences.

The man is stupid. 


Anonymous said...

im not sue what speech you saw but i thought his response was excellent. Then again I'm not earning over 150k.

lilith said...

I had to switch him off HG. His speech was obviously nothing to do with what the Chancellor had set out. Also his nose has spread across his weird face making him even more preposterous to look at.

hatfield girl said...

Mr Quango - who must have been forced to sit through the whole thing all scrunched up in that too-small debating chamber - picked out the points of maximum silliness, I thought, L:

shouting 'hands up all the baddies who aren't poor', over and over again; and seriously comparing the UK economy to that of the United States.

There's no shame in being well-to-do any more than there is in being poor, Anon. And what is the point of a tax that raises no revenue? Spite? Considering who imposed it I expect spite played a largish role.

Anonymous said...

He did have a point though.
This budget reduced the tax burden on those with an average salary greater than 90K and increades the tax burden on oldies on 11K

Fair maybe? political suicide? the oldies vote the young un's don't

Bill Quango MP said...

John Pienaar, one of the better reporters on radio 5, said it was the best budget response by an opposition leader that he had ever seen.

I wonder which countries budget he was watching?