Monday, 3 January 2011

Just Looking

Could we all try and look more like this - 

and less like this -   

                                                 in the new year?


Raedwald said...

Hee Hee! Not in the UK, I fear HG. My fashion predictions for 2011 are:-

1. The rise of school 'Proms'-
Boys in pompadour-blue polyester DJs with frilly nylon shirts and velvet snap-on bow ties with white plastic slip-on shoes; girls in frilly nylon / terylene frocks cut to show the obligatory tattoos that must be acquired by age 14 these days

2. Street grunge -
Ugg boots will continue to dominate female austerity fashion, matched with polychrome legwarmers and knee length denim skirts. Soiled 'n torn look leather jackets will make a comeback. Lots of studs.

3. City Chique
Lidl and Aldi 15% real wool chalk stripe ladies' day suits will be in, 'A' line skirts and big shoulders, worn with faux leather zip boots with 3" heels

Sackerson said...

Bit severe, first one.

Nick Drew said...

when can she get here ?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I'll try, Hats, but I am not sure it would suit me, really.