Thursday, 20 January 2011

Who's a Naughty Boy Then?


Caronte said...

From the left: The Bad, the Ugly and the Good. A lousy and frightening "reality" serial shown daily on Italian TV News. Adults only.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican's Secretary of State, may be Ugly but actually expressed a strong-worded admonition about "the current need for greater morality and legality", in spite of the Vatican having just been given a bribe of €1bn in tax exemptions on its business activities.

But the scoundrel - variously nicknamed the cayman (Nanni Moretti's film), the dragon (by his wife Veronica Lario), the impunito (in Roman dialect someone who ought to have been puhished for something but somehow got away with it) - shamelessly declared that the cardinal was not referring to him but to the whole world. And on 17 January he credited €10,000 (a monthly payment documented for the last 12 months)to Ms Alessandra Sorrcinelli, a habituée of his soirées, who was being heard that week as a key witness by the Milan magistrates.

B.'s strategy, of doubling the stakes every time he loses a game, might/should/will bring him down in the end.

Caronte said...

Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, President of the Conference of Bishops (CEI), yesterday said it again in no uncertain terms: he could only refer to the Cayman. "The country is aghast at the proliferation of news of behaviour contrary to public decency... lifestyles incompatible with the responsibilities of public office ... evident moral unease". "Whoever takes on a political mandate must be aware of the measure and sobriety, the discipline and the honour that it involves, as our Constitution demands".

Still, with typical Church double-speak, Bagnasco blames also the magistrates, for the "large volume of investigations". Out of order, especially on the day that the Impunito threatens magistrates with disciplinary penalties, and a bought MP presents a draft law to punish retroactively with heavy fines magistrates for "phone tappings that turn out not to be justified".

A very bad show, HG.