Monday, 17 January 2011

The Vipers Strike or Il Contrappasso

If you were denied the opportunity to study for a GCSE modern language then you have a real grievance against Labour levellers.   Not even your French and a bit of Latin, that many are convinced will get them by in Italian.

Mr Berlusconi is now facing a motion in the House to permit the searching of his residences, including the office of the residence  where access had been barred under the claim that it is part of the the offices of the President of the Council of Ministers.  So much for privacy claims, which have now quietened - after all fourteen women in a gated community in Milan seems to be pretty public. 

The media are headlining that 5 million (no, not liras)  was asked for her silence by the minor (no, not miner , do keep up at the back).  Well, this silence is deadly.

"Be ready for anything, or you might as well get a taxi and leave now"  is quite a noisy remark.

The papers associated with the case have been placed under severe restriction; only 21 people have had access to them in the presence of officials and without means to copy them.  So they are all over the media.  But in Italian.

Bet you wish Labour hadn't deleted modern foreign languages from the curriculum.


Nomad said...

Mamma mia! 14 little delicate bunga bunga (see your earlier post below) in a gated mansion! Sacre bleu...

wv: crate (how they were all smuggled in?)

Raedwald said...

'twas ever thus - to paraphrase a little-

My answer: I am the man who sold the fair Ghisola to Berlusconi's lust; that's fact, However they tell the ugly tale up there

I'm not alone here from Milan; packed the place is with us, one could scarcely find more tongues saying 'yep' for 'yes' in all the tract

Twixt Monza and Magenta. Art inclined to call for proof? What witness need I join to the known witness of our covetous minds?

And one of the fiends caught him a crack on the loin, with the lash, even as he spoke, crying "Away Pander! There are no women here to coin!"