Saturday, 8 January 2011

Miliband With the Wrong Attitude Again

Oldham East and Saddleworth is becoming a festival of Miliband dishonesty.  Ed Miliband called on voters to   'send a message'  about “the betrayal on tuition fees, show the government what they feel about police cuts both here and across the country and make clear their anger about an unfair VAT rise”.

Why should voters in that  constituency care particularly about any of these issues?  Tuition fees are not cutting edge in former textile towns with large Kashmiri and Pakistani populations; nor are policing matters -  indeed there is quite a reputation enjoyed there for being able to take care of policing issues themselves.

As for the unfairness of the rise in VAT perhaps Mr Miliband should have thought of the damage he was doing to our general well being and the social realisations of fairness when he worked for a decade for the brownian Treasury and its boom and bust economy.

The whole point of our single constituency member, elected by first past the post voting is that it is local, personal and decisive.  The person who had Woolas thrown out as a campaign liar is just that: local, personal, decisive and, as a bonus, ready to carry Oldham's concerns to Parliament not national concerns to Oldham.


Bill Quango MP said...

Poor Ed. So desperate for the job he betrayed his brother. So unprepared for it he makes Brown's 2007 loft lagging and 2 meg broadband centrepiece conference speech look positively revolutionary.

Scrobs... said...

" 'send a message' "

The eternal cop-out statement.

Chief of men said...

well said