Monday, 17 January 2011

The Vipers of Milan

Dinner has been delayed from eight o'clock to nine.  The news (the news on Italian television!) is too absorbing to be diluted by passing the parmigiano, salt, potatoes, bread or anything else.

Last night Silvio Berlusconi had his video moment -

I wouldn't do this kind of thing. Me? Pay for sex with a woman?  Anyway I've got a steady.  It's all a political attack enabled by the  unbalanced  powers of the judiciary (and an unbalanced judiciary).

We munch on through an unhealthy pile of crisps and an unbalanced consumption of aperitivi.  The Milan prosecutors are declared to have no jurisdiction by Berlusconi's lawyers - Arcore  (where the relevant bunga-bunga was said to be going on in one of B's villas) is in the judicial thrall of Monza, not Milan.  But the major charge, the abuse of office, took place in Milan and lesser charges are subordinated to this.

The Speaker of the Lower House and leader of the break-away faction from Berlusconi's majority party calls upon him to face the magistrates.

"Shan't!" cries Berlusconi who has been given 3 dates next week to turn up; after that he has 5 days from the last date to give himself up.  It is unclear to me though probaly not to Italian lawyers, what happens then.  Bounty hunters?  Shooting on sight? Carabinieri in their spooky leather gloves and impeccable turn out helping him towards enquiries?

Meanwhile, the girl in question has declared she has never had sex with that man.  Which man we chorus, turning our attention to the guest lists at the villa in April when she was know to be a guest there herself.  If not him then who were you there for?  And what exactly is the status of the 14 young women lodged in Berlusconi's Milano 2 gated property development just outside Milan?

Such a novelty after UK political scandal - all this hetero-sexuality.  Some of us were beginning to wonder if we would ever again be able to empathise with current political history and its goings-on.



lilith said...

It's all very rum.

Elby the Beserk said...

One wonders when the OED will recognise "bunga-bunga". It really is the most extraordinarily ... appropriate? ... phrase. I have no idea whether it does translate in any way, regardless - it has a roll to is that fits the utter sleaze that is Emperor Silvio.

Who to play Silvio in "The Life Of Berlusconi"?

Frankie Howard?

hatfield girl said...

Not sure it's rum they're on, L.

hatfield girl said...
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hatfield girl said...

Bunga-bunga? We cannot expect a perfect word to be translatable into another word - we can all be happy with the instant comprehension that wakes in all our brains.

I thought Frankie Howard is dead, Elby. Oh...

Nomad said...

Elby: Just for the record bunga bunga in Malay means "flowers". Make of that what you will!

Just saying...

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Looks like he's on the way out, doesn't it.

Did something finally catch up with him, or did he stop paying the right people their bustarelle?

I suppose we will never find out.