Monday, 4 June 2012

Balbo's Flying Chandelier

This video of the recovery of the antique murano glass chandelier from the town hall at Sant'Agostino, presented by Italo Balbo, shows the skill and determination with which what can be saved will be saved.

The town hall is so damaged no-one may enter.  So they did it by remote control.  Imagine giving the order to cut the support chain!


Scrobs... said...

Heartwarming clip Hats - thankyou!

Of course, the inevitable question is, "Was there anyone named 'Unc', on the team...?"

hatfield girl said...

It should feel more at home in the palazzo ducale di Sassuolo where all the rescued art objects are being taken, Scrobs.

a musician said...

Wow! The vigili del fuoco are looking a bit tense.
Che virtuosismo the crane operator!

Lux Range said...

Brilliant video!