Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Text of the Van Rompuy-Draghi-Barroso-Juncker Report

Should readers like to look at the document from Barroso, Draghi, Juncker, and van Rompuy prepared for the European summit meeting tomorrow (or a draft, at least) here is a link.

There is discussion of various points in the Italian press but it is always interesting to look at the text rather than just extracts  picked for journalistic purposes.  The bit that caught Angels' eye was the statement that Article 126 of the Treaty, which deals with the powers conferred on the European Central Bank for the supervision of banks in the Eurozone, must be fully considered and exploited. 


Nomad said...

If the Eurozone banks have also been up to the financial and crooked shenanigins emerging this morning of Barclays and the others - plus the illustrious names of Wall Street with their tender-fixing scams revealed by a commenter chez Guido yesterday - there may well be no banks for the EU to supervise by the end of next week!

En passant, wouldn't it be luvverly if the Commission produced honest and audited accounts for a change? 100 Tory MPs also getting fidgety according to Tim Montgomerie. Time to get more popcorn in.

hatfield girl said...

The Commission's accounts are a bit of a red herring, I fear Nomad. The amounts are a tiny teeny percentage of European GDP. Of course they're all troughing away but there are much biggr troughs and pigs.

As we have seen in the last few days.

Nomad said...

Agreed HG, but I am sure I am not alone in thinking it would be nice to see where and on what the UK's 50 million quid a day gets spent.