Monday, 4 June 2012

The BBC Are the Real PIGS

'A Venetian Gondola from City Barge Rowing Club. The Querini's 
Disdatona  is  commanded  and  crewed  by  highly  skilled  and 
experienced  Venetians  to  whom  boats  and  boat  handling  are 
second  nature.  Venice  has  strong  historical  trading  links  with 
England.  For  King  Charles  II  wedding  procession  two  gondoli 
closely escorted the Royal Barge. ' ( see this for a description of many of the boats)

The BBC remark?  "Nice to see the Venetian gondoliers resting on their oars.  They've actually made it  all the way. Bit different from what they're used to."

The Pageant was absolutely unwatchable on the BBC.  That man in a too-tight grey suit stretched over his little belly, the woman in a dress inappropriate for sitting down and inappropriate too for a person of her age.  The refusal to show us the boats;  the inanity, vulgarity, patronising ignorance, grotesque self regard.  Who were those people?


lilith said...

Absolutely agreed. I watched the Telegraph footage commentators...

hatfield girl said...

So did I L. But what a shame. I know nothing of boats and would have greatly appreciated a knowledgeable commentary, both technical and historical. The BBC turned out a monumental demonstration of what so many have been speaking of for years.

Nomad said...

Agreed 100%. We suffered it for about 15 minutes but got so fed up with them cutting away for inane and pointless interviews with themselves having a whale of a time in the rain that we switched over to CNN. Where was Dimblebubble who could have done all this single handedly and with his eyes shut.

Looks like the fruits of labour ejecashun policies are finally coming home to roost.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Absolutely correct, HG.

The bbc was completely awful. Where there was a chance of some interesting comment and information about our maritime heritage - which was there in spades - instead we had two ignoramuses on a sofa who knew nothing and cared less.

No research, no understanding, no interest in the real spectacle (the boats), ignorance even of which way the Thames flows (they talked about the boats coming UP to Tower Bridge, for heaven's sake), and every few minutes a cut to some D-list nonentity.

Ghastly, ghastly.

Elby the Beserk said...

All day breakfast TV. An exquisite example of why we junked the TV some years back. Lowest common denominator CRAP for the lumpen proletariat.