Monday, 18 June 2012

Lippis et Tonsoribus

A supply side economist:

believes that the level of income and employment is determined by the level and structure of productive capacity and economic agents' choices.

does not believe that national income and employment are determined by keynesian aggregate demand.

believes that the economy must be deregulated in order to mobilise entrepreneurship and to grow.

Francois Hollande is not a supply side economist, as has been claimed by  Professor Philippe Aghion, a self-declared major economic advisor:  Francois Hollande is a motherhood and apple pie economist.


dearieme said...

We're having apple pie for pudding tonight. "Dutchy" Hollande is more than welcome to pop round for a slice. If the jealous Mlle Threewheeler lets him out of her sight.

hatfield girl said...

We're off pudding till the end of the week, Dearieme; over-indulgence at recent teatime.

I did laugh when the parachutiste royale failed against the independent. Perhaps the habit of standing against central party candidates in safe seats will spread to England. We'd be rid of Leader Miliband in a fell swoop.

Nomad said...

Rid of Millipede? Sorry can't have that HG. They might find somebody with a bit of nous about them to replace him - and then where would wimpy Cammo and his pinky hangers-on be?

hatfield girl said...

Would we think Michael Gove a 'pinky hanger-on', Nomad?

The reports of what children must learn by 11 seem both scarily hard and most prescriptive. I wouldn't have liked small HGs coping with schools measured like Gove wants to measure. Algebra in primary years? Some can enjoy that but not as a benchmark for all. (But I digress).

Nomad said...

Certainly not HG. Good luck with his reforms - he is going to need it.

Why can't we revert to the pre-Williams years, say around 1960-ish? There must still be curriculum materials about somewhere in a dusty cupboard, and a few educated teachers capable of reviving (and meeting and being able to teach to) those standards. Most of us at school in those years managed quite well on those syllabubs!

Nomad said...

HG - A bit late now, but I posted the above before Gove made his announcement of the return of O levels.

I did not know I was psychic too!