Thursday, 7 June 2012

Of Wolves and Lambs: the Cheek of American Political Elites

'As a Wolf was lapping at the Head of a Fountain, he spy'd a Lamb paddling at the same time a good way off down the Stream. The Wolf had no sooner the Prey in his eye, but away he runs open-mouth to't.

"Villain (says he) how dare you lie muddling the Water that I'm a drinking? 
Indeed, says the poor Lamb, I did not think that my drinking here below could have foul'd your Water so far above.
Nay, says t'other, you'll never leave your chopping of Logick, till your Skin's turn'd over your Ears, as your Father's was, a matter of six months ago, for prating at this saucy rate; you remember it full well, Sirrah.
If you'll believe me, Sir, (quoth the innocent Lamb, with fear and trembling) I was not come into the World then.
Why thou Impudence, cries the Wolf, hast thou neither Shame nor Conscience? But it runs in the Blood of your whole Race, Sirrah, to hate our Family; and therefore since Fortune has brought us together so conveniently, you shall e'en pay some of your Forefathers Scores before you and I part."

And so without any more ado, he leap'd at the Throat of the miserable helpless Lamb, and tore him immediately to pieces.'

MORAL  'Tis an easy Matter to find a Staff to beat a Dog. Innocence is no Protection against the arbitrary Cruelty of a tyrannical Power; But Reason and Conscience are yet so sacred, that the greatest Villanies are still countenanc'd under that Cloke and Colour. (Aesop)

Europe is not responsible for the economic woes of the United States, as their equally woeful President now claimsWe have it from the the mouth of the Savior of the World, the man who abolished boom and bust:

"It all started in America."



Bill Quango MP said...

Not sure the fiscally challenged one is a suitable source for quotes.

hatfield girl said...

Might he not have been telling the truth, Mr Q?