Friday, 4 July 2008

Do Not Eat Sea Bass and Langoustine

The head of environmental responsibility for Seafish, said: "Choosing alternative species helps to ease the pressure on stocks of more traditional fish." ..." a bland white fish you can add flavours to is fine. People don't want strong-tasting fish by and large."

The attempt to put us off a nice piece of haddock, or cod, the aim of decrying a finest cuts tinned salmon on a fresh lettuce from the garden with salad cream, then peaches in syrup with jelly (various flavours) and condensed milk, is a vile attack upon our tea.

Sea bass is an alien fish form that substitutes for decent food. A fishy version of spam. Reject it, and reject langoustine and squid too. While you are carrying the banner for higher teas, turn back the white burgundy tide and the battered and deep fried marrow flowers; and the ditto porcini mushrooms.

There are limits to substituting one food for another and in sea bass they have been reached and over-reached.


Anonymous said...

I quite agree.

Did you perchance mean evaporated milk? The other stuff is usually put in tea (for some inexplicable reason),

hatfield girl said...

You are right, Nomad; or cream if there are strawberries, with a touch of vanilla sugar beaten in. And cake, Battenberg or madeira, fancies on high days and holidays, ginger in the winter months; (sponge is a nuisance as it has to be made on the day and eaten up, unlike the others which are there to be cut into).

Electro-Kevin said...

Tuck in while you can ...

... we're in for a terrible famine

Me and my wicked sense of humour ;-)

Anonymous said...

HG: Since you clearly have a very sweet tooth, let me let you into a little secret: THE best high tea anywhere in the world is to be found at the Marriott Hotel in Budapest located on the banks of the river just along from the famous bridge over the Danube.

High tea there consists of an endless supply of fabulous cream cakes, buns, chocolate cake, magnificent Black Forest etc etc. Eat as much as you can or want to and all for under a fiver. Unlimited tea/coffee too.

Bon appetit.