Monday, 14 July 2008


The Union of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland needs to be reconsidered. The reconsideration must involve all the people in all the divers parts of the Union. It cannot be right to have only the Scottish people engaged in a 'National Conversation' about their relations with England, Wales and the British counties of Ulster.

There is great bitterness lying across all of these relationships; and enormous, strategic resources, and great wealth involved too.

We should not allow such a contemptible regime as Brown's to make irreversible choices (or reversible only with levels of violence we had thought to have ended within these Islands - the only claim New Labour can make to establishing the good) on behalf of us all.

The necessity of a general election that is conducted on manifestos offering choices for the union of the United Kingdom, and choices on the nature of our union with Europe is paramount.

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