Sunday, 6 July 2008

Mandelson Go Home

Populist and self-serving Angels may be, but protection of our standard of living is what is wanted and required. The free trade, dated, economic past its sell-by date, cheap theorising of the awful Mandelson globalist freak is a conceited pretence that what happens elsewhere in the world has any claim to override the importance of our enjoyment of Ferragamo shoes, French dresses, Sander working clothes, proper hair cuts, Florentine parfumiers, food whose origins is known (is, indeed, often a former acquaintance, or at least supplied by a current acquaintance), books of choice, decent furniture, a place to retire to from visitors, and a place to be sociable, wine to drink or pat in its racks; a countryside tended and sleek under local owners' care, cities maintained in their various splendours, mountains to cool off in and seasides to paddle through.

All must have their particular priorities of course, (personally gazing at pictures is winning over listening at concerts right now, but doubtless that will change), and the Rowntree Foundation has consulted focus groups (fancy) to discover what is wanted by representative sectors of our society in a basic survival kit.

As an aside some of the things rated essential wouldn't be consumed free if offered, and some of the things essential to survival were not even mentioned. Why are focus groups thought to be representative of anything but themselves? Except in a collectivist, authoritarian mindset of course.

But to continue on the rejection of global economic growth and its centrality to our well being, what is essential is to live with well-designed, competently-built, decently priced goods, in a civil society that respects its members as sovereign and keeps its citizens in properly groomed public surroundings, both urban and rural, and in their infancy and in their dotage; and in the Schengen area too.

Goods from outside the Schengen area are of no interest, nor travel outside it of much either, (though hope springs eternal that Australasia might be visited, and perhaps the Trobriand Islands). What we have not got we will trade for, but not trade, and exposure, for growth of itself. Nor is the idea that Zimbabwe or some other despoiled part of the planet is for us to rectify acceptable, let alone mounting unwarranted war and lesser attacks, and creating entire countries ruined, and new enemies, all out of the evils, falsities and personal ambitions of Mandelson, Blair, Brown and their ilk.

If it is also the ideology of these new Labour degenerates to run riot over the history, culture, economy, living standards, well being and political morality of a United Kingdom foolish enough to have put them in a position of power, that has become our terrible mistake and misfortune. But in Europe no-one wants them or will allow them to be foisted onto our lives here.


Electro-Kevin said...

They achieved power as a reaction against something and remained in power by default.

The Rowntree Foundation tells us that cars are considered to be luxury items.

I beg to differ. I hate the cost and worry of running my cars - why would I do this if I didn't need to ?

hatfield girl said...

They remain in power because voters voted for them. Agreed, the client voter base is bought, but such corruption is only a stepping stone to asserting the permanent post democratic regime. Once votes can't even be bought then they will be ignored.
I thought it peculiar not to have a car E-K. What are we supposed to do when it's freezing cold, pouring with rain, 5 of us want to go somewhere, there is a month's shopping to be got in, or we need to go somewhere in the middle of the night?

Anyway, it's bad enough having unelected Brown dumped on England; but having that bunch of new Labour crooks expecting to dump Mandelson (sacked TWICE for bent behaviour) on Europe is really offensive.

Sackerson said...

Missed the Mendelson stuff, so came here thinking wossthissabout? Must find out. I don't think he's the only Prince of Darkness, just the most obvious one. People like Blair must be judged, not by their own face alone, but by the faces they chose to surround themselves with.

Cars: didn't have one till age 36. Public transport (buses, trains)needs to be co-ordinated, frequent, cheap, then we'd all save a packet and the roads wouldn't be clogged and the roadslaughter of children and the elderly would abate. Can't see why it hasn't happened already, esp. in a densely-populated urbanised country like the UK.

Month's shopping? From superdupermarkets, that suck the life out of small town centres, because we now have (must have) cars and because we've driven women out of the home to work in offices where the inter-female struggle for predominance is perpetual, leaving children to be brought up by the State. And the superrich supermarket owners then tell the government what to do (Lord S and GM, anybody?).

And then we have to install too-easily triggered, wolf-crying burglar alarms (that everyone hears, and nobody listens to) for our undefended homes. We don't know our neighbours, except when we catch them coming out of our front doors.

hatfield girl said...

Two things weigh heavily on life in England: the oppressive interfering governance delivered through publicly-funded provision in education, health, and welfare; and the standardised delivery of standardised goods. These two suck the life out of diversity and happiness in being.

What it does to children is beyond me but anecdotally it seems to be devouring their individual development while creating violent,closed-group rejection of its moulding and patterning demands. Not just the criminal gangs but outwardly conforming children are living inner worlds wholly unconnected with the reality of their lives - look at the children's books, fantasies of individual experience and adventure in worlds close to our own, pre-standardisation growing up. Let alone the games on computers and the networking constructs.

Now there is this regime-funding of cognitive manipulation to produce 'happiness' - which could better be described as conformity and acceptance. And all this false 'choice' propaganda. Choice is a good that cannot be available if the regime is to maintain itself in power.

You mentioned 'apocalyptic' in a comment recently, S. The world the children are living in, not violently expressed political opposition by adults, is where everything is already utterly changed.

Sackerson said...

If I thought all children were as mind-corrupted as some of those I deal with, I'd be looking for a hiding place in this or a foreign country. But I fear that the mind-forg'd manacles are becoming ever more widespread. Which is why the government is pouring money into "behaviour" in schools - not the behaviour expected when we were at school, but keeping the low-level disruption to a point where it can be claimed that learning is going on. There's a lot of little Dutch boys and girls plugging holes with every finger and toe, just now.

lilith said...

I have sent you a postcard on my blog x