Thursday, 24 July 2008

Labour's Failures at Every Undertaking

Tony Blair led New Labour to victory in 2005 offering these pledges:

1. Your family better off
2. Your family treated better and faster
3. Your child achieving more
4. Your country's borders protected
5. Your community safer
6. Your children with the best start

Apart from Blair being defenestrated and replaced by the unelected current Leader (pace Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath electors) who survives on Blair's majority, there is the problem of where we now find ourselves under the New Labour knout.

Families are paying almost £1500 a year more in food and energy costs alone, never mind their housing costs which are excluded from the false inflation figures provided by the regime.

Families are subjected to country, regional, and postcode discrimination in accessing all and any aspect of health care when using the NHS.

More than 40% of children leaving primary school for secondary education are functionally illiterate and innumerate.

Immigration, from inside and outside the European Union, is no longer counted by any government measure. They have lost even the possibility of counting who, and how many, enter the country.

56 young people have been knifed to death in the last 2 months. Alcohol and drug- fuelled disorder is commonplace in all communities and worse in less-affluent centres.

Children are being finger-printed, removed from their parents' care at birth, placed for adoption by force, subjected to gross levels of bullying in and out of school, failing academically, and levels of child labour are rising fast.

It's not just Glasgow East. It's everywhere. In Glasgow East there is the chance to speak for everyone today.


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