Saturday, 21 November 2009

Brown's Labour Party Tribalism Has Wrecked Our Country's Economic Influence

That is the kindest way to put it. Spite, viciousness, self regard, aiming for a cheap headline, incompetence, and the disadvantages of lack of awareness of others is probably more accurate. France and Germany will take the economic prizes, the positions and powers that mean so much more within the European Union, and for the status of London as a world financial centre.

In return for placing a New Labour weakling in office for a couple of years; in return for failing to nominate any UK candidature that was not from inside the bunker; in return for teaching those European socialists the weight of a brownian clunking fist; in return for being told he must do as he is told and vote for the agreed European President - Brown has done a Bercow for Speaker on the whole of Europe.

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Elby The Beserk said...

That's our boy.

I did wonder why, way back, they got rid of capital punishment for the crime of treason. Now I know - they were taking no chances.

The man is a grotesque.