Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sacrificial Offering

A meeting of the NATO allies engaged in war in Afghanistan would be much more appropriate at NATO headquarters in Boulevard Leopold III. Brussels, not London, can meet every need - administration, secretariat, security and any other resources.

The pretentious claim from Brown "I have offered London for a summit" [on exiting Afghanistan asap] is also very dangerous for London. Labour has made the United Kingdom more than enough of a terrorist target in its pursuit of a pat on the head from the United States.

Do not be in London during the Brown photoshoot - be in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Sydney would be best of all - for it may not be that he has offered London but offered up London.


Bill Quango MP said...

Conflicting news by the hour from Brown HQ.
We are leaving. Now we are staying. Now we are asking others to send troops or we will leave, or possibly stay, depending on who Labour are talking too.

Brown needs to assure voters we are preparing to leave,Nato allies that we are preparing to send more troops, while all the time waiting to copy whatever Obama does.

Brown always looks like he's concealing something. When he talks about the military he looks like he's concealing something sordid.
Blair always managed to do the multi-message with ease.
Can Brown really pull off this mixed message,two faced diplospeak?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

If we had always refused to hold significant meetings in our capital city because our enemies might then attack us, I rather wonder how different the history of England might have been.

Where is the Dunkirk spirit?

hatfield girl said...

Brown is a backroom boy, Mr Q, who escaped into the public gaze. As we look at the horror that he is, appalled, we forget at our peril his ruthless thuggery. Even exposed to public view he still has his uses for the Project.

He's like one of those dogs, a Mandelson dog:

Keep still! He won't hurt he just looks nast...I TOLD you to keep still

hatfield girl said...

Yacht, I cannot bring to mind any significant international meeting in London for withdrawal from a war, or settlement after a war. That sort of thing goes on in Versailles and Potsdam. (And Brussels).