Thursday, 19 November 2009

Brown's Scorched Earth Extends Over UK Social Democracy

It's too early to have heard much about what form the Riot Act read to Brown in Brussels took; but this has been a terrible defeat for New Labour. They have delivered the Labour party and centre left people in the United Kingdom irreversibly into a centre right European Union whose politics will soon be reinforced by an incoming centre right government in the UK. They have reinforced a FrancoGerman alliance and united most of Europe around it.

Perhaps now a principled, social democratic movement will rid itself of these failed opportunists.


13th Spitfire said...

I must respectfully disagree. I think the UK is heading firmly out from the EU. All the proper eurosceptic MPs are keeping quiet now because they want to win the election but afterwards there will be hell to pay on Cameron's behalf for not sorting out the EU.

hatfield girl said...

'the UK is heading firmly out from the EU.'

Where do you think it's going. Spitfire? (I agree with you but there IS great disagreement on destination, and the route).

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I don't know why you regard the EU as being "centre right".

It depends on where you are looking at it from, I guess.

The same applies to Cameron's party, which may (or may not) form the next UK provincial administration. What on earth is "right" about him or it?

In any case, and perhaps this is the source of my confusion, the old left and right labels are meaningless and redundant now. There are statists and non-statists; there are those who believe in voluntary co-operation between people, and those who want their own views imposed by force; there are centralisers and there are localists.

You can find Labour and Tory supporters on both sides of all those dichotomies, though with skewed distributions. It's also pretty clear which side of each one the EU is on - against voluntary action, in favour of coercion, in favour of relentless centralisation, and most emphatically against democracy.

Whether this makes it centre-right, I could not say.

And btw I do not believe Cameron's victory is by any means in the bag; Broon is a fighter, whatever else he may be or not be. He may be down, but he is certainly not out; celebrations are premature, hubris is to be guarded against.