Monday, 16 November 2009

Jerking the Strings of a Puppet Democracy

The odium that Brown is sinking under is deserved, personally and as a practitioner of a particularly dirty kind of hate politics: cultural hate, class hate, religious hate, race hate, all and more of these define his politics and his morals, (he brought his morals into it for consideration, so no whining from the back). Divide what is variously unacceptable from the Brown tendency, define it as excluded from any behaviour towards it governed by truth or decency and, thus, justify the use of any means to wipe it out.

We've been in this mindset before. And we have seen what it leads to, although up to now we have been fortunate enough not to suffer its worse excesses as they have been experienced in continental Europe, in Africa, in the Middle East, in Russia.

Brown plans to have his divisive and condemnatory ideology, concretised in specific policies and legislative proposals intended, declaredly intended, to make outcast any political or moral belief of any grouping other than the Brown tendency, formally recited to the United Kingdom Parliament by the Head of State.

She really should tell him No.


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

As someone pointed out this morning, (Cleggy I think it was), he's got 70 sitting days left, so nothing will really happen.

As it'll take most MPs who lose their seats about the same amount of time to get new jobs, I expect the Grauniad are thinking about a special issue for council jobs, co-ordinators, etc, and demanding MP's cvs show their expenses take each time.

Well they'll have to, because no sane employer will take on a lazy sponger just because they've been an MP.

Perhaps the Telegrout will publish the expenses claims again, just for employers to check the going rate...

Weekend Yachtsman said...

She should have told him No on a number of occasions, about a number of things.

Ditto for at least a couple of his predecessors.

Much as I respect and admire the old girl, I am beginning to wonder if she really earns her keep.

Only thing is, the next one's likely to be much much worse.