Sunday, 29 November 2009

Referendums All Round

The torrent of opposition to the Scottish independence referendum might be taken as a measure of the levels of fear of its effects. Not whether it is won or lost but that it is held at all. If the Scottish people can be asked whether they would like to alter the nature of their relationship with the federation of the United Kingdom how much more appropriate might it be to ask the English people whether they would like to alter their relationship with the Federation of the United Kingdom?

The Scottish National Party, which governs Scotland, is about to publish a White Paper on Scotland's constitutional future, to be followed by a Referendum Bill. Although Scotland sends 40 odd MPs to Westminster to vote on English affairs and maintain Labour in power in England, Scotland voted Labour out of power in Scotland years ago. It really is time for all of us, English Irish, Scottish and Welsh, to have a direct say on whom we wish to have poking their noses into the affairs of other members of the UK Federation.


Malthebof said...

I wondered why the LabConLibDem all opposed the holding a referendum. Did they give any reason apart from we know best?

Elby The Beserk said...

Ah, Malthebof, the reason is simply that they know that the answer we would give them is not the answer they want, hence their lives would be made very very difficult.