Thursday, 11 November 2010

Labour Comes to its Senses Too Late to Prevent an Outpouring of Class Hatred

'...the shadow chancellor, is to launch an attack on Gordon Brown’s stewardship of the economy, saying he allowed Britain to become overdependent on tax receipts from the City and housing.' (Financial Times).

That Labour presided over “an unbalanced economy” is admitted by the shadow Chancellor.  What did they expect leaving an unbalanced man in charge of government economic and financial policy for 13 years? 

It's no good wrecking the vestibule of Millbank Tower and flinging heavy objects from nine floors up onto police officers.  Labour's outgoing junta has admitted,  'There's no money left'.  The Coalition government is trying to protect and preserve the core welfare state - the health system and the provision of an educational foundation free at the point of use. 

The vicious, opportunist stirring up of distress to the point of assault on others,  and of vandalism and the destruction of property seen today underlines not the lack of care and concern of our Coalition government, but the disconnect of sectors of the population from any understanding of what Brown did and, more importantly, of the years - decades and more -  that it will take to purge the effects of his insouciant, incompetent  incomprehension of the market capitalist world in which we live.


Wrinkled Weasel said...

could not have put it better myself, hatters.

hatfield girl said...

Hello WW:
there seems to be a sotto voce attempt going on to rehabilitate the undead. How Brown wasn't really responsible for our current dire straits; how it's only a lack of communicative skills - themselves of minor importance anyway - that made his junta seem incompetent; that he was defeated by the failure to follow his wise lead; even, now, how he didn't underfund the armed forces while Labour launched us into four wars, it was just the armed forces refusing to follow his direction and grasp of military/political realities in places where the wars were being fought, so they had to be held in financial check.

(Oh, and he WAS elected by his Party, it was just that he was SO popular he was elected unopposed).