Monday, 29 November 2010

The Two Cultures Revisited

The BBC used to broadcast this (download the lecture, ignore the rest, h/t Leiter) kind of programme  while we were cooking the dinner, or taking a break as the children rested in the afternoon.

I last saw Onora O'Neill in an extraordinarily lovely house in Norfolk when the world was full of hope and we thought that we had won for individualism and democracy and  beauty.  Quite a long time ago.  But she is still as fascinating and as right as she was then.  So when you start the dinner, turn her on.

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Elby the Beserk said...

Listening to this brought back to me an incident that occurred when I was working at Aston Uni, upgrading their library system. As usual, once complete, I'd run through a script of queries & transactions to check that all was in order. The Systems Librarian was sitting with me.

First stop. Search the Catalogue. For who? Well, who better than Shakespeare. Two entries returned. "Two?", I said to the Systems Librarian. "Well, we are a Science University", said she. "Exactly, said I".

She did see the point!