Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Moving Right Along

 Another world - a world that illustrates how much has happened with 'the "trans-valuation of values," ... where the highest...values are debased and the lowest elevated: that is to say where the same, the proper, and the identical cede their privileged place to the other, the alien, and the non-identical.'

But '... the Nietzschean trans-valuation is far from being complete: in its second stage, at the threshold of which we find ourselves today, it will necessitate a de-hierarchization of the already inverted values, so that alterity, too, would lose its newly acquired transcendental status, just as sameness and identity did..'

Living with the 'already inverted values' isn't much fun, I'm glad they're inevitably going to be dealt with by the dialectic.  Though it's a bit worrying contemplating the forces that are needed to move things along - the last inversion took two world wars, two oil shocks and the imposition of authoritarian 'socialist' regimes.  The current one seems to be drawing on American imperial decline.  Gulp. 


Elby the Beserk said...

Ladies and Gentlemen, buckle your seat belts. We may be entering a period of turbulence.

Those EU bank stress tests were rigorous, were they not?

I love Pathe News. Do you remember the small cinema on Victoria Station that played them continuously. When going to the cinema included Pathe, cartoons and a 'B' film. What a long time ago. The crowd shots in the clip you link to are wonderful. Oh, I am old!

Nomad said...

We didn't have a telly in those so days - so as it was a school holiday my dad took us all to Dymchurch for the day. I still recall it was a cloudy and rainy excursion and we had some fish and chips and bought sticks of rock.

Memories, Elby, they can't take those away from us...