Monday, 22 November 2010

Mr and Mrs Brown

The shocking account of the behaviour of the man we had to suffer as prime minister so unjustifiably between 2007 and his electoral ousting in 2010 is made worse, if that is possible by the side accounts of the behaviour of his wife.

Constantly publicised, not least by her own efforts, as a non-political wife lovingly ministering to her husband in his unable-to-communicate but such-a-good-and-clever-man-really tragedy, she is revealed as without scruple in her support.  Supportive of anything that  closed down criticism of Brown's obvious unsuitability for office or even attempted to ameliorate it.

The suggestion that she tried to maintain McBride in post even after his plans to tell vicious lies about the present Prime Minister, the present Chancellor of the Exchequer and their families, seriously disturbs her self-sought image as merely defender of her family from the fall-out of  a spouse holding high office.


lilith said...

The same article proves Brenda has a strong ironic sense of humour though, doesn't it :-)

"The Queen once said about Brown: "He's such a charmer.""

hatfield girl said...

My favourite remark was "We seem to have lost our prime minister" as he failed to join the photo line up before dinner. Then there was "Something important?" when a new Labour minister hadn't turned off their phone during a talk with her.