Sunday, 21 November 2010

Oil News

The yield is 16 kilos per hundred kilos of olives (the local average is 14).

Acidity is 0.15 (the lower the better, so that's good as up to 1% of acidity is permissible).  This minimum level of acidity is necessary for the oil to taste good.

We're booked for the 29th for the next lot and it's pouring down.  Still, we may be able to keep the appointment if the next week improves to not-raining.

Current price per litre at the mill (in 1 litre bottles) 8 euros a litre.  There is a 6.5 euros a litre offered on ours, loose, so to speak,  at the moment.  I think I'll wait just a bit - there are voices that other producers have had a poorish harvest.  These commodities, very worrying to deal with.

Anyway, it's absolutely delicious, a bright greenery-yallery colour, very slightly peppery, and pleasingly viscous.  Back to the garlicked toast with a sprinkle of salt and the taste of another year's work.


Sen. C.R.O'Blene said...

You are the luckiest lady on earth and I bow down to your inestimable quality of life within a haven of plenty!

I may well send you a picture of the ten pounds of apples we're wondering about fermenting with the Muscat grapes left over and withering on the vines. I reckon that we'll get about a quarter of a bottle of Grapple (possibly 20%)at some stage, but I'm not holding my breath...

lilith said...

Now I am drooling over the keyboard...

Nomad said...

Scrobs: I agree with you - it's oil right for some, innit!!

HG: Good for you - well done. I wonder if the inestimable TT is among those with poor(er) prospects this year? Any excuse to increase the price.

hatfield girl said...

I'm bowed down after the last 12 years of hauling an abandoned way of life back from the brink, Scrobs. We are lucky in finding people to work with who know better than I do what I think I'm doing and without hesitation in telling me how to do it.

I have been told not to put the vineyards back - too much work and the wine would be good but nothing special so I pop down to the o-operative and buy it nicely boxed-up with a tap on.

Elby gave me a recipe once for venison, L, but of course I can't find it; perhaps he might have a moment to send it again as there is a lot of frozen bambi here (and boar if he has delicious ideas for that too). The local advice is a bit too heavy on the garlic, onions and tomato side. Spice and olde Englande would be more interesting.

TT is in another league, and the other side of Florence, Nomad, so what he's got and what he wants to do with it will be different. I'm delighted to take delivery but I imagine he'd be horrified to have not sold the entire year's (and further) production some time ago.

Still, this year I break even with the managed woodlands as well; thank you for the 'well done'.

Nick Drew said...

it's been a good olive year all round for you lucky Med-dwellers, it seems

my sister & brother-in-law in Provence have had a great harvest too

hatfield girl said...

Some people, ND, are in Germany, she said jealously.

(There seems to be a problem with re-basing the remnants of the British Army of the Rhine in Lossiemouth and other barracks in Scotland. I bet there is.

Imagine swapping northern Germany and its living standards for an abandoned RAF site in Northern Britain.)