Friday, 18 February 2011

Benigni's Lectio Magistralis Receives Standing Ovation

Here is Benigni on the state we are in. And watch the later sections too,   particularly when he sings the national anthem after analysing every line.  An extraordinary affirmation of italianita'.

[you'll need your Italian and your ears brushed-up, ed.]


Elby the Beserk said...

HG - YOU are our Italian!

hatfield girl said...

Honoured, Elby.
Though what is happening in Italy at the moment is of much more interest than bunga-bunga I still feel guest-like and constrained not to chat about my host.

Elby the Beserk said...

Quite right. Let Sr. Berlusconi do the talking. It's unusual for me to be tied to rolling news, but I have been since the Egypt kerfuffle started - and thank you, Al Jazeera for your fantastic coverage. Gripping

Calfy is in Syria as well, all being well until the end of May; it does seem that the Syrians work with a large dose of Realpolitik, and realise that despite being a police state, things are opening up slowly there, the economy is growing, and it seems that the populace as a whole believes things there are changing for the better, and that they can only change slowly.

Perhaps that is similar to China? Certainly, as things are at the moment, we are not worried about Calfy being in Damascus. The reaction of people we know has illustrated that in general, we here in the UK lump all the Arab states into together, as much of a muchness.