Friday, 25 February 2011

Plans Being Laid to Take Back Libya From the People

Barack Obama has been on the phone for hours with Cameron, Sarkozy and - wait for it - Berlusconi the Old Goat. According to reports in Il Fatto Quotidiano he's trying to work out how to intervene in Libya.

They've discussed no-fly zones (shades of Iraq), freezing of Gheddafi assets, (oooh Italy won't like that), and 'humanitarian assistance' with immediate access for such help assured (otherwise known as boots on the ground). Sanctions are also under discussion (those should create the conditions for the need for 'humanitarian assistance', shades of Iraq again). Strong concern has been expressed about the use of violence during the uprising (can't have the people intruding on the monopoly of violence-use now, can we?)

They're all agreed on the need to stop 'brutal repression, by the failing regime (they would be now the people have dealt with it, or almost), on the necessity of sending 'clear signals' to the Libyan leadership (and who might they be now, who are to receive these 'clear signals')? And the absolute necessity of co-ordinating 'eventual multilateral measures' (against whom?).

Come on the Revolution! You haven't much time left before your courage and its spoils will be placed under fresh imperial control.

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