Friday, 25 February 2011

Not a Good Idea

Few actions could be more provocative in Libya than a military intervention by Italy.  ANSA, the Italian news agency, is reporting  Minister of Defence La Russa as saying:

"We have news that in the south-east of Libya there are Italians who have finished their food supplies: we will retrieve them."  He continued on Sky News:

"We have already organised a military intervention to reach our nationals and are now only waiting for the go-ahead from the Foreign Office.  Actually, I don't want to decide this by myself. My first concern is the retrieval of all Italians in that area".

Let's hope the Italian Foreign Secretary has more sense than to invade Libya - particularly when a 'humanitarian aid corridor' has been opened to the Egyptian border by the  anti-Gedhaffi forces in control of the area.  

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