Friday, 4 February 2011

President Napolitano Takes Up His Role

The President of Italy (cf Angelic Heroes) didn't hesitate.  The failure by Berlusconi's remnant coalition to win the vote on federalism and taxes -  15-15 - was met by a presumptuous decision to send an administrative decree for signature to the President regardless: who declared the Decree 'not acceptable'.  (Oh the joys of a Constitution and a Constitutional Court: 'shan't' reinforced by  'can't').

That Decree was the price of the support of the Northern Leagues in the face of forthcoming indictments for  abuse of minors, and abuse of office in connection with the abuse of minors by the Italian Prime Minister (74).  Perhaps the Northern Leagues will recover now some semblance of decency (after all trial for the abuse of young girls by a 74 year old man is not the sort of thing any normal 74 year old man  faces) and put Berlusconi aside.

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