Saturday, 5 February 2011

Phone Tap

'The prime ministers of Russia and Italy Vladimir Putin and Silvio Berlusconi had a telephone conversation on Friday to discuss current moments in the two countries’ trade and economic cooperation, the press secretary of the Russian prime minister Dmitry Peskov said.'   
A passing flight of Angels overheard:

"Pronto, pronto? Vlad?"

"Silvio!  Good to hear from you.  What can I do for  you this time?"

"Senti.  Remember April?  25 April? You had dinner, private dinner with me at Arcore, a casa mia?"

"Do I remember April!   Now I know why so many streets in your fine country are named for XXV Aprile. "

"No, Vlad, that's for the Liberation."

"It felt pretty liberated  - perhaps Russia should have a bunga bunga day, remember the liberation of Germany from Nazi oppression by our glorious army.  Silvio I invite you!"

"Discreet though, Vlad, discreet.  Terrible trouble here over who the other guests were and how old."

"We no longer have NKVD and Smersh my dear Silvio, but when I say we  talk of South Stream and denial of Russian gas to Italy by North Stream Germans, that is what will be in media."

"Va be', Vladi.  A presto." 


Caronte said...

Very funny. A bit too close to the knuckle though...

Anonymous said...

"Oh and by the way, you havent forgotten that little 'gas contract commission' arrangement of ours, have you?"