Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Another Fallen Angel?

Angels' faith in President Napolitano has been shaken terribly.  How could he have agreed to Berlusconi remaining in office?  Certainly the vote on the budget was not formally a vote of confidence, and certainly it was passed - but to have voted against and failed to pass the state budget accounts for a second time would have been the height of irresponsibility.  We all know what those  abstention numbers signalled.

Berlusconi himself has acknowledged that the Parliament is in a state of paralysis.  Votes cannot be given against essential legislation but that does not mean that the Prime Minister has maintained democratic legitimacy.  In such circumstances the Constitution does indeed provide for presidential intervention in the governance of the country (as does the UK constitution - there would have to be such provision, wouldn't there).

So what possible assurances could have been offered to the President that would justify leaving such a man as Berlusconi in full possession of the powers of a prime minster after the Parliament has indicated their withdrawal?  What unpublished deals have been done?  And why has there been such a lack of transparency in what seems to have been arranged?

Just look at the yield and the spread.


President Napolitano has issued a note insisting that Berlusconi's resignation will be forthcoming.  He has also made Mario Monti a life Senator.

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Mr Ecks said...

There is no way to avoid eu and worldwide financial disaster. So as long as Burli is in the mix exactly where the eu scum don't want him to be, helping to f*** everything up, it is all to the good.