Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Berlusconi is at the Quirinale with President Napolitano.
 With him is Gianni Letta, vice premier, urbane, clever, well thought of -  Berlusconi's keeper and advisor, widely touted as a possible successor.  

Coalition  Lega Nord leader Umberto Bossi, speaking to journalists at the Parliament has said,

“Aspettiamo qualche minuto. Deciderà cosa fare al Quirinale.” [Wait a moment,  he will decide what to do at the Quirinale]

when asked if Berlusconi was on his way to resign.


No.  He's still with us.   He may still be with us till the end of November, given the stages needed to pass a bill through parliament.  Getting him out of palazzo Chigi  is like getting Brown out of Downing Street; even down to the suggestion that he's been asked to stay on by the Head of State while matters are sorted out.  Just look at the difference in body-language on entering and on leaving the Quirinale.

Spread hit 500 today.  It'll be worse tomorrow when the realisation dawns that he hasn't gone at all.

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