Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Quite an Agenda

The note, scribbled by Berlusconi during the vote (and published by Il Fatto Quotidiano), lists concerns:

The ribaltone refers to the overturning of the centre right 2008 election victory if a 'technical' or national government is installed.  It notes there are 8 'traitors'.
 - Resign, he writes.
 - Pres. Repubblica.
 - A solution.


Nick Drew said...

is that a thin noose around his neck ?

shades of Musso ...

hatfield girl said...

Wasn't Mussolini shot, ND?

The hanging in piazza Loreto was the gibbeting of his corpse.

I thought Gadaffi had a very mafia-style execution - single shot to the head after torture and humiliation followed by display of the corpse in a meat cooler. Not the Arab way at all, such behaviour.

(Not that execution styles is something I think about often, though there is academic discussion of that kind of thing to be found while innocently reading an ethnographic account of something perfectly pleasant, turning the page, and you're into beastly descriptions of eating people, or executing them, which have been bound in together).