Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Language, Language

Berlusconi's behaviour is becoming more and more eccentric.  His language resembles that of a mafioso gangster rather than a democratic political leader and prime minister.
"I want to look in the eyes of traitors as they betray me"??  He'll want to send them all to sleep with the fishes next.  Having agreed an exit strategy with his party and its allies in Rome, he returns from spending the day in his private house in Milan with his family and personal advisors  ("That dickhead has left Rome for Milan... ", fumed a leading centre right politician)  to announce he's soldiering on; perhaps it was thought at Arcore that his private business interests and firms' interests are better served by this change of plan.

Pity about Italy's exposure to an unnecessary debt crisis - but he's only prime minister in his spare time, as he remarked recently to one of his whores. 


Anonymous said...

Has anything really changed in the male personality of italian men? Sadly they still think of themselves as ancient Roman aristocrats.

hatfield girl said...

Berlusconi is sui generis, wouldn't you say, Anon?