Saturday, 5 November 2011

Princess Celestia Rides Again

For those who are behind in My Little Pony story lines here they are.  Many grown-ups have allowed their My Little Pony knowledge to date and atrophy quite shamefully.  The WSJ draws timely attention to this failing.

Get along to the shops now and make your consuming contribution to saving-the-global-economy-and-the-world-as-we-know-it from  collapse.  Christmas is coming so no-one will know your Pony-purchase is really to complete your own set.

[The Little Ponies are in the soffitta,  Small, in a box.  I'm not sure about the stable.]


Anonymous said...

First Tuesday in November behind us and the winning trifecta will come in handy with only 50 shopping days days till Xmas. 30 degrees in Sydney- Julia in Cannes -Qantas back in the skies above, no thanks to Mr Joyce but Fair Work Australia! Please tell me he is not related to James. The last of the spring lamb will be BBQ tonight. Your horse may find it's way into the Xmas stocking! God bless to you and poor Genoa. - AA

hatfield girl said...

Liguria seems to be being washed into the sea, AA. First the Cinque Terre, now Genova. The problems are multiple: Green policies that have encouraged silly behaviour over the clearing (actually the not-clearing) of the beds and banks of torrents and rivers; Green policies that have attracted the Ecomafia on the replanting of forest that catches fire (there are large grants for reforestation but there weren't enough fires for the hurriedly set-up companies to profit from the grants, so you can imagine how they solved the fire shortage); persistent condoning of illegal building on flood plains and irregularly used water courses by local and regional government - 'the people need housing' - so they do, but not drowning when rivers pushed underground and canalised re suddenly asked to bear water flows like this year from denuded hillsides. Finally the ground is baked hard from the hottest of summers and all the water is just sluicing off the surfaces.

Genova was bad but Torino, Piacenza and other cities are threatened by the Po, which is 5 metres above normal.

Here we are hoping for steady, reasonable rain for a month, so that the ground softens and the water enters its proper beds. The Arno is empty near us; you can walk across on the dry gravel beds. If the kind of torrential rain that has hit just north of here lands in this part of the world even more treasure cities are under threat.

We've spent all summer fire watching (there were pheasants coming down to the pool to drink, we were advised to push them in and net them while they were disoriented swimming with all those feathers), now we're threatened with flooding off ground like concrete (and all the manmade stuff noted above).

The trouble with Italy is it's fierce, with wild swings in every aspect of its existence. A sort of heavenly/catastrophe world with no boring bits of normality.

What winning trifecta? Enjoy the lamb!

Anonymous said...

Melbourne Cup, the race that stops a nation. All 24 horses are actually trying to win! Makes for a an interesting race with a 6 million winning purse. PP picked first three horses past the post,(trifecta) nice little dividend, we celebrated at a new restaurant, "Montpellier Public House" shared a pigs head with bubble and squeak, different, but delicious. I understand your flood situation, we live in arid climate, our problem is very few trees are planted on properties, so after years of drought the hardened earth cannot cope with inevitable downpour. Don't get me started on the rice growers along the Murray River!

hatfield girl said...

A pig's head with bubble and squeak.

I am speechless.