Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Who Did What

These are the deputies who denied their vote to Berlusconi this afternoon:

Pdl (Berlusconi's own party): 
Roberto Antonione, 
Fabio Fava,  
Giustina Destro,   
Gennaro Malgieri (who says he was in the loo and missed the vote!), 
Alfonso Papa (who is under house arrest). 
Coalition members who were absent: 
Calogero Mannino, 
Giancarlo Pittelli, 
Luciano Sardelli, 
Francesco Stagno D'Alcontres  
Santo Versace. 
Franco Stradella,  Pdl.
The opposition coalition abstained en masse.

The state Budget accounts passed by 308 votes.  

Berlusconi needed 316 votes to demonstrate that he commands  a majority in the Lower House.

He has now left the Parliament and gone to palazzo Chigi (or Downing Street, so to speak) to consider what this can possibly mean.  


Nick Drew said...

Alfonso Papa (who is under house arrest)

that has a nice ring to it

Antisthenes said...

It did not mean what you thought it meant.