Friday, 13 July 2007


The European Union negotiating round on fish and allocations of fishing grounds exemplifies Labour's problems with the botched devolution and general debauchery wreaked on the constitution of the United Kingdom in the last ten years of misrule. Previously such extensive undermining and incompetence, expressing itself from the 'war on terror' to the white fish industry could be found only in novels.

While unable to match Toodles, "whose erudition on the subject of the fishing industry was fresh and, in comparison with his ignorance of all other industrial matters, immense.", a commenter in today's Herald, who can, sums up:

'1. Scottish waters are the biggest waters in Europe. 11% of Europe's waters are Scottish the biggest of any member country.

2. The Scots don't want the right to speak FOR the UK in the EU, the Scots want to LEAD the talks on BEHALF of the UK including the other delegates from the other countries that make up the UK (we wont make them sit outside, well hopefully they will just once to see how they like it)

3. As 70% of the whole UK catch is Scottish we have the most to gain or lose from successful or unsuccessful bartering and negotiation and so are the logical choice to stand more firm than those whose economies are not as greatly affected.

4. The UK fishing industry as a whole and especially Scotland's industry has been consistently sold down the river by Westminster led negotiations, I am sure that all fisherman from all 4 countries would prefer a Scots delegate who would not give up fishing rights in order to have a better parking space in Brussels*, or to be able to expand army bases, etc . '
*(unconfirmed but probably true)

Labour in Westminster and Labour in Scotland is united in condemning and disdaining this wholly reasonable viewpoint for it deals two devastating blows to Labour and its unelected Leader.

First, it conforms wholly to the European Union of the nations and the regions ideology - Flanders leads negotiations for Belgium in the same round of talks, for instance; second, Scotland will place the interests of the fishing industry a great deal higher and more appropriately on the agenda of the United Kingdom's concerns (Cornwall's fishermen would be better served by Scotland, as would the fishermen of the eastern coasts of England and those off the Irish coast).

When Scotland brings back a decent deal for the United Kingdom's fishing industry, should Scotland's prime minister, First Minister Salmond prevail in Scotland's bid to represent their and the other nations and regions of Britain's interests, Labour at Westminster will be displayed publically, yet again, in all their Party -before -country decade of disingenuousness and disgrace .


Newmania said...

Labour at Westminster will be displayed publically, yet again, in all their Party -before -country decade of disingenuousness and disgrace .

Sory HG I do struggle to keep uop someimes . What have they done wrong in this contxt then ....( shame , honestly I do think about it but ....)

hatfield girl said...

Most of the UK fishing fleets are sitting in their harbours not fishing while other EU states are vigorously emptying the seas (a large area of them UK seas) of anything that can swim or wave a claw.

This is due to the Labour Westminster government sacrificing negotiating position on fisheries (largely a Scottish industry) in the interests of Westminster concerns like keeping most of the British army in comfy housing in Germany instead of having to face their dereliction of duty on funding the armed forces properly (the Labour Leader doesn't do armed forces funding) and, according to the Herald commenter, petty private issues about personal privilege.

Mr Salmond wants to act as if the UK really is a EU member-state, lead the UK negotiations, and set the UK fishing industry going again or, at the very least, protect our fishing grounds from grotesque over fishing by Spain.

Labour cannot allow that as it publically drains authority from Westminster and shows up whatever they have been up to for the last 10 years in the EU on one of the major industries of these islands.

Labour seem to have been conceding fishing rights and fishing ground conservation (and encouraging all the accompanying welfare dependency in the fishing industry) for military bases and cheap housing for troops.

I thought you'd like the Conrad.

Newmania said...

I `m not a great fan of Conrad although I`ve read a bit over the years. I`d have guessed Evelyn Waugh.
Conrad eh . I don`t think I can recall meeting anyone quite like you HG you`re quite trendy in a way.


ScotsToryB said...

Just in case this shows twice, my apologies in advance...

And produces the dichotomy of buying from the factory gate at Gairloch being more expensive than buying in a Portugese/Spanish market.


hatfield girl said...

The level of blog comments in Scotland is amazing Scotstory.

The destruction of the Scottish fishing grounds is a horrific indictment of Labour. It's a horrific warning too, that eating fish stopped being a penance long ago.

At what level are the cod stocks now; and somehow it's not thought really important in comparison with global warming.