Tuesday, 24 July 2007

We Shall Fight and We Shall Win

"I'm going to be making a statement on security issues on Wednesday and one of the issues in that statement will be winning hearts and minds. This is a big issue and the question for us is how we can separate those extremists from the moderate mainstream majority,' announced the member of parliament for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Labour party leader and prime minister of England yesterday, as the country turned into a giant rice paddy.

Hearts and Minds, now there's a phrase to to conjure up images . No doubt we will soon be hearing of the setting up of Civil Affairs Units, the better to protect this 'moderate mainstream majority' from contamination by ' looters' and 'insurgents'.

No slouch, our imposed Labour leader, he has moved on from that dated, Fascist language usage of New Dawns and Third Ways; we have entered the 1960s of American touchy-feely authoritarianism and, doubtless, dominoes will be threatening to collapse in lines under the pressure of just one ideologically improper thought infecting the mass conciousness.

Herded into our secured settlements, identified, surveilled, inducted into correct thinking by our education and media systems, the overflight of our flooded landscapes by our government's helicopters is just so modish.


Newmania said...

I dread to think what George Walden would say to that. The problem is when one side believe in a Liberal Democracy and the other in bombing us back to the 7th century what does the word 'moderate ' mean ? Not the British Muslim Council who were supposd to be the moderates obviosuly ,but then who ? Not anyone who appears to have ever taken part in any of the Surveys in which Muslims consistently say they re not resposible or approve of the slaughter of their " Fellow Britains" ...and god knows what that means anymore

I get a bit tired of bashing the Mooslims but I force myself. People say get to know eachother but the familes of the latest lot of nuts presumably knew them pretty well . Whats the point of that ?

The inevitable consequence of mass immigration something noone wanted except the victim industry and big business.

hatfield girl said...

Islam is not a belief system I know much about N. No, I mispoke myself (as they say in Brum, indeed, 'Hush my mouth'), it is a belief system about which I haven't the faintest idea. Catholics (got a higher certificate in catholicism, as well as the mark or seal upon the soul..) are familiar territory.

And all of this seems to have very little to do with belief in deities - which I don't, apart from recognising that lots of people do believe in deities so to that degree deities have to be taken into account.

So, all the 'religious' trappings. veils, masks, nastiness to women, jihads, sharia laws etc., I look at as wholly political undertakings. To be met with political responses.

To be to the point - stop it, pack in that behaviour if you want to live in England. That's plain enough, if they want to behave according to another culture, go and live there. Goodbye.

I don't run around the village giving scandal, and neither should muslims.
And while we're on the subject, they can stop judging us by their standards; it's bad enough judging people by their own standards, never mind those of what, ineradicably and unashamedly, I look on as not as much of a culture as my own.

CityUnslicker said...

The last two paragraph's are excellent HG.

May I add that the entire populace is sleepwalking into this. The new media education is Big Brother and top gear, to cover all ages. Whilst the masses sleep the politico's enjoy the power coursing through thteir veins.

hatfield girl said...

The terms in which politics are being anaysed are looking irrelevant, CU, it's as if we are thinking in the equivalent of employment relations with shop stewards and union and management stand-offs, but for 2007 workplaces.

The culpable, political and social degeneracy of no severe weather planning and infrastructure building is astonishing, yet there's no condemnation of such a failure. Hundreds of thousands have no water and no power. Yet there is no answerability, no sense of failure in the most basic of provisions, by the government. They are presiding over a disaster the worst terrorist attack has never come near contemplating, because of years of neglect of the duties with which government is charged.

And all they speak of is further dismantling of civil liberties and the democracy that has clearly failed.