Thursday, 12 July 2007

Silly Billy

Ousted Labour former prime minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair's plans to set up the Blair Foundation, a charitable organisation devoted to promoting inter-faith dialogue, received a set back with the confirmation of the document Dominus Jesus. Benedict XVI must have been even less accommodating than was reported when Blair was given an audience by the pope in Rome, shortly after signing the European Union Constitution accords in Berlin.

Benedict is immovable on the line taken when he was cardinal Ratzinger - there is one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, all the rest except for the 'wounded' Orthodox churches - are not even considered to be Churches.

Blair has a harder row to hoe than he ever imagined in his woolly fantasies of intervening (again) in what he doesn't understand - inter-faith relations and dialogue are not for him; he had to be told sharply too, by the United States, that he has no role in mediating between Israel and anybody at all, he may try only to help set up administrative structures for Palestinians.

Blair is an embarrassment; which is an improvement on when he was in office - then he was a menace as well.


Nick Drew said...

He may have bounced off the walls of the Vatican and the White House, but this is a man with an insatiable hunger for (a) money (b) attention

and standing behind him is a large mortgage and a large fishwife with a large frying-pan.

As his desperation increases, he will surely find unsavoury billionaires willing to bankroll him. He will yet be a menace again!

Consider the Kinnock. Consider the Sven Goran Eriksson. Being utterly useless, and having demonstrably screwed up the top job, is no bar to being found another billet.

hatfield girl said...

Not faith, not the Middle East, not the Russian Federation relations with the EU, not Ireland, not anything where Brown might have a say, looks like the Africans are going to get it in the neck again ND, at least the sub Saharans.